PT 1.3 - Construction of Bridge

Key components
Explain using Diagrams:
a) General Design

The general design of this bridge is built based on the shapes of triangles as triangles distributes the force exerted on the point and split it equally to 2 sides of the bridge which makes it stronger.
b) Members of the bridge

The bridge consist of popsicle sticks with only 3 sticks forming the triangle and used many of the triangles to make the structure of the bridge . We also made the side of the base thicker by stacking the sticks together.
c) Base of bridge 

The base has a thick set of sticks on both sides with another stick below hoping that it will increase the strength of the bridge when it is under stress .
d) Anchors of bridge 

The end points of the bridge was put inside the thick base when we stick it together .
e) Joints of bridge

There are a lot of joints on the bridge in hope that the bridge will be able to split its forces equally across the whole bridge instead of a concentrated area.

Detailed dimensions of your bridge
Basic measurements
Mass of bridge
Overall length
63 cm
Overall width
11.5 cm
Overall height
19.5 cm

Photograph of your prototype

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