PT 2.3 - Construction of Car

The start 

 We started off with the axle and then on to the body of the car. The picture at the top is all of the parts excluding the body itself.
 After hours of work , we finished the car with 4 small wheels and the mousetrap along the wire caing supporting the axle and the mousetrap.
 We test the model ( as shown above ) and realised there was a lot of wheelspin and it barely goes anywhere , we then suspected that there is not enough grip and possibly it was too light.

 We the attached stripped wire to the CDs edges and tested . It went off and did quite well however we found it not travelling far as there was not enough contact with the ground.

We then added a piece of wood to increase the weight . And also we extended the point in which it pulls the string to have a wider turning circle hoping to increase distance travelled, as part of the effort to make the wheels spin easily , we added grease to reduce the friction caused with the wire casing and the axle.

Materials used

Wheels : CDs and Stripped wire
String attached to axle: Fishing Line
Body : Thick balsa wood , wire casing and the mousetrap itself.
Axle: Thin Pipe with screw grooves inside.

Dimensions of the car

Length : 29cm
Width: 12 cm
Height : 14cm


We then after this changed the size of the rear wheels and added the stripped wire.

After this we added weight to it and stacked double CDs at the back to increase contact with the ground.

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