PT 1.4 - Testing of Bridge

Testing data

Calculation of efficiency  

(a) Mass of load on bridge =
(b) Mass of bridge =
Efficiency = (a) / (b)  
No units

Discussion of bridge design

1. What is your score on efficiency? If the efficiency is high/low, what went right/wrong?

73.3. It is lower than average. The base we constructed , we stacked them and left gaps in the centre and this means it forces all the weight on only 2 sticks which caused it to snap so quickly.

2. Which part of the bridge started to give way first? Explain using Physics or Engineering concepts.
The base.As the weight is on the base as well as the joints , the base was built poorly leaving only 2 sticks to take the weight instead of the intended 6.

3. Which part of the bridge provided the most strength in the testing process? Explain using Physics or Engineering concepts.
The joints from the triangles to the base . It did not split apart despite the stress that it has to go through because all weights were on the base and it needed the joints to split is equally with all the other parts yet despite enduring the forces it did not come apart.

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